Juul Labs, Inc.

Brand usage and trademark usage guide

Juul Labs must ensure its trademarks, trade dress, slogans and branding (“Juul Labs Marks” or “Marks”) are used appropriately in the marketplace. If you have received permission to use the Juul Labs Marks you must follow these guidelines (“TM Guidelines”) which have been updated from previous versions and are now hosted here. We reserve the right to continue updating the TM Guidelines as well as any other requirements for using our Marks. A non-exhaustive list of the Juul Labs Marks is available at juullabs.com/trademark-list. (the “List”). 

For public convenience, Juul Labs provides localized/translated versions of the TM Guidelines at our various country-specific websites. For clarity and avoidance of doubt, the TM Guidelines at juullabs.com/trademark-guide are the operative guide and these terms control if there are discrepancies between the TM Guidelines and any localized/translated versions provided elsewhere.

Permission required

Permission to use the Juul Labs Marks is required and should be coordinated with your Juul Labs contact. Your permission is contingent upon you following these TM Guidelines and any additional guidelines we provide. Use of our logos or design marks requires written permission and there are additional guidelines for using these marks that you must obtain from us.

JUUL is not a noun…

JUUL and the other Marks are brands for our goods and services, not common nouns, and must be used as brands. Refer to the List for the correct spelling and capitalisation for our Marks and for the correct generic term to use with a Mark.

Generic terms should be used frequently in connection with the Marks (e.g., JUUL vapourisers).

Never use the Marks in a plural form but instead make the generic term plural (e.g., JUUL vapourisers, not JUULs).

If using the Marks in a language other than English, do not translate the Mark.

Generic terms for goods and services are translated.

…Or a verb…

We understand that people say Googling when they mean conducting a Google internet search and say Ubering when they mean riding in an Uber rideshare. But JUUL is not a verb and should never be used as a verb when you promote us or our products and services.

…Or a Company name.

Our company name is Juul Labs, while JUUL is the name of a product. You agree to use the full name Juul Labs when referring to the company.

Do not create new marks or branding

Do not alter the Juul Labs Marks in any way or use identifiable elements of our Marks to create new marks such as word marks, logos, slogans, taglines or design marks. Similarly, do not create marks or branding that is confusingly similar to our Marks and do not incorporate the look and feel of our branding into your own branding or product design.

TM notice

Include an attribution of Juul Labs’ rights within the legal notice of any promotional material that includes our Marks.

Within the United States: JUUL® and [insert any other Marks if applicable with TM symbols from the List] are trademarks of JUUL Labs, Inc.

Outside of the United States: JUUL and [insert any other Marks if applicable] are trademarks of JUUL Labs, Inc. JUUL is a registered mark in the United States and elsewhere.

Juul Labs employees, or partners with special permissions from Juul Labs, should consult the Brand Standards Manual for instruction on including TM notices in public-facing materials.

Customization & merchandise

We do not currently endorse or offer customisation products for JUUL vapourisers and will not grant permission to use the Juul Labs Marks for any customisation or merchandising products.

Press & commentary

Juul Labs respects the rights of others to comment on or to reference its products and services in text so long as the Marks are recognised as brand names and any reference is accurate, fair and not misleading.

Depiction of products

Images of our products should not be displayed in your promotional materials in a manner that implies endorsement, origination or approval from us unless you have written permission. Otherwise, any such depiction must be for the sole purpose of advertising compatibility with our products. Your offering must actually be compatible as advertised and cannot violate Juul Labs’ intellectual property or other rights. Any depiction of our product should be an original photograph and your offering should be advertised in a manner that is consistent with our mission and is not misleading to the public. Always include a prominent legal disclaimer that your offering has not been approved by JUUL Labs, Inc. when you depict our products. Juul Labs employees, or partners with special permissions from Juul Labs, should consult the Brand Standards Manual for instruction on depicting Juul Labs’ products in public-facing materials.

Additional requirements

Any use of the JUUL Lab Marks, or depictions of our products, must be: fair, accurate, not misleading, not objectionable, in line with the Juul Labs mission and not violate any laws, regulations or third-party rights. Similarly, do not display the Marks or depict our products in connection with any materials that are directed to minors, inaccurate, objectionable, illegal, misleading or that promote offerings which are any of these things.

By using the Juul Labs Marks you acknowledge the Marks and related intellectual property are owned exclusively by Juul Labs and that any goodwill derived from use of the Marks accrues to Juul Labs. You will not apply to register any of the Marks—in whole, in part or incorporated into a larger mark—with any trademark office, or as part of a domain name, social media handle, vendor or entity name, online identification, or similar.

We reserve the right to revoke permission to use the Marks or depictions of our products at any time in our sole discretion.