Juul Labs, Inc.

Information on trademarks

Below is a non-exhaustive list of Juul Labs’ trademarks and service marks. Trademark symbols reflect the status of the mark in the United States. For use outside of the United States, our marks should only be displayed with the ™ symbol unless you have confirmed with us the mark in question is registered in your jurisdiction.

For more information on how to use our marks and branding, please see the JUUL Labs, Inc. Brand Usage and Trademark Usage Guide.


  • Juul Labs ®
  • JUUL®
  • JUULpods®
  • JUUL2 pods®
  • JUULpod ID™
  • JUUL Pass®

Generic Term

  • e-cigarette
  • feature
  • benefits programme

*In some instances, such as scientific research publications, it may be appropriate to refer to JUUL products as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (“ENDS”).