Company News

April 26, 2021

Juul Labs is committed to working collaboratively with regulators, policymakers, public health leaders, and other stakeholders as we work to reset the category and company and strive to earn a license to operate in society. This includes scientific exchange with these stakeholders as we advance a science and evidence-based dialogue.

At Juul Labs, scientific research is vitally important, and we are working to expand the body of knowledge around vapour products, which we believe play a critical role in transitioning adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes. We are conducting studies that span non-clinical, clinical, behavioural, and population health areas of investigation with the goal of better understanding the harm-reduction potential of the JUUL System, including their impact on the individual user, their ability to transition adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes, and the net-population impact on public health.

This month we celebrate a significant milestone in those efforts with the publication of 11 peer-reviewed studies in a monograph edition of the American Journal of Health Behavior (AJHB). The monograph focuses on the centrepiece of our behavioural research programme: the Adult JUUL User Switching and Smoking Trajectories (ADJUSST) study, which sought to understand patterns of tobacco product use among adult JUUL Product purchasers. The ADJUSST study collected data on over 55,000 current, former, and never-smokers who bought a JUUL Starter Kit for the first time, following them over the course of a year.

These articles, and the data they reflect, represent a significant portion of our research portfolio and address many of the key topics of public health concern and interest. Our hope is that the AJHB monograph published this month helps to further the necessary scientific dialogue about the harm reduction potential of our products, and the role they may play in reducing smoking-related death and disease.

We look forward to continuing to share results from our science and research programme as we work to support the scientific basis for the category.

Below is a full list of articles in the monograph publication:

  • Prevalence of ENDS and JUUL Use, by Smoking Status, in National Samples of Young Adults and Older Adults in the U.S.
  • The Adult JUUL Switching and Smoking Trajectories (ADJUSST) Study: Methods and Analysis of Loss-to-Follow-Up
  • Switching away from Cigarettes across 12 Months among Adult Smokers Purchasing the JUUL System
  • Dual Use of Cigarettes and JUUL: Trajectory and Cigarette Consumption
  • Switching away from Cigarette Smoking with JUUL: Populations of Special Interest
  • Cigarette Smoking Trajectories in Adult Former Smokers Using the JUUL System
  • Smoking Trajectories of Adult Never Smokers 12 Months after First Purchase of a JUUL Starter Kit
  • Transitions in Smoking among Adults Newly Purchasing the JUUL System
  • Changes in Dependence as Smokers Switch from Cigarettes to JUUL in Two Nicotine Concentrations
  • Improving Retailer Compliance for Tobacco Purchases: Pilot Study Findings
  • Modelling the Population Health Impact of ENDS in the U.S.