Combating Underage Use

At Juul Labs, our mission is to transition the world’s billion adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes, eliminate their use, and combat underage use of our products. As such, we are keen to engage in discussions with regulators, public health and other stakeholders as to how we can, together, advance this vital agenda.

We do not want any non-nicotine users, especially those underage, to try our products as they exist only to transition the world’s one billion adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes.

Underage use of any tobacco products and ENDS products, including JUUL, is a serious issue that can undermine the harm-reduction potential of these alternative products for adult smokers.

At Juul Labs, we are critically focused on reducing underage access to or use of any of our products. In furtherance of this objective, we are committed to working with governments and other stakeholders to help address underage use.